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Online Agreement
You have entered into a rental agreement with our bookstore to loan you one copy of a selected title. Rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are copyrighted by the author(s) or publishers. Textbooks rentals are not to be reproduced. The rental agreement is only effective for the current semester. Per terms of this agreement, you are responsible for the following:

» I understand that all titles for rent are property of the bookstore.
» Materials are returned in the appropriate condition: clean, undamaged, with limited writing or highlighting, as deemed by the bookstore, and without notes. You agree to be billed for the full publisher’s price of the materials if any of the items are damaged or missing.
» Materials are returned on or before the date they are due. You agree to be billed for the price of the materials if they are not returned on time.
» If you wish to keep your rental materials, the rental fee will be applied to the price of the items you want to own.
» Non-returned materials are charged a late fee of $10.00.
In-Store Agreement
If you plan on coming to the college store to rent your texts, please click on the link below to print out a copy of the rental agreement that must be filled out prior to receiving your texts.
  How easy is it?

1. You can now use your financial aid!
A credit card is no longer necessary if you rent at the store. Although a credit card will still be required at checkout if you choose to rent from our online site, even if you are using financial aid as the form of payment.

2. Find your textbook and rent the book immediately.
You can now take the book right off the shelf and rent it immediately. Look for shelf tags that designate the title as a rental. No more renting online and waiting on shipping!

3. If you prefer to rent your text at
you'll receive your order within 2-4 business days.

4. If you wish to purchase your text at the end of the semester,
that is no problem. You will just pay the difference between the rental fee and the retail cost of the title.

5. If you do not return your text by the due date you will be
assessed a $10 fee. If the text is not returned within a week from the due date the replacement cost (cost of a new book) will be charged to your student account.

6. If a textbook is returned in unsalable condition as determined
by the bookstore, (ex. damaged, excessive highlightening or writing, torn covers or pages, or water damage) the replacement fee will be charged to the student account.